Browns NFL Mock Draft 1.0, Free Agency Report with Barry Shuck

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What’s up, Browns fans! We have a fun show for you today. First, we talk to Barry Shuck, staff writer for Dawgs By Nature, to discuss his expert analysis on the Browns’ key free agent signings. Barry gives his takes on the John Johnson signing, as well as Troy Hill, Takk McKinley, and Anthony Walker. Spoiler alert – Barry calls one of these signings a jackpot by Andrew Berry.

Then we get into the meat of the episode – our first ever Dawgs Mock Draft 1.0. We go 7-rounds on Pro Football Focus’s Mock Draft Simulator and make our selections for the Browns. Who do we take at 26? The players available at the end of the first round will strongly dictate the philosophy moving forward through the draft.

Do the Browns go edge rusher no matter what? What happens if a top cornerback or safety falls to 26? Is a top linebacker in the mix for Cleveland? Tune in to find out how this mock draft falls! (And no matter what, we’re just thankful we’re not discussing QB options like so many years past.)

Let us know how you think we did! Were there players on the board you think we missed on? Who are your ideal targets in this year’s draft, especially in the later rounds? Give us all the feedback you have – good or bad!

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