Browns Training Camp Begins + Nick Chubb Speaks Out

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What’s the latest news from the start of Browns training camp? On today’s Cleveland Browns podcast, we discuss the reports from the first days of Browns team practices and the impact of injuries to Marquise Goodwin and Anthony Schwartz. Also, we look at the development of Elijah Moore and dive into Nick Chubb’s comments regarding the current state of running back contracts in the NFL. Get entertaining Browns news with the #1 Cleveland Browns podcast — Cleveland Browns Podcast for July 26, 2023.

  • (00:00) – Intro and Show Topics
  • (03:48) – Browns start training camp in West Virginia
  • (06:52) – What to expect in the Hall of Fame Game
  • (09:43) – Marquise Goodwin diagnosed with blood clots
  • (13:08) – Should the Browns consider a Jarvis Landry return?
  • (18:25) – Jaelon Darden making a good impression
  • (19:17) – Anthony Schwartz hamstring injury
  • (23:25) – Expectations for David Bell
  • (26:54) – Amari Cooper dealing with minor injury
  • (31:42) – Nick Chubb speaks out in support of RB contracts
  • (42:59) – Deshaun Watson looks different this year
  • (44:28) – Expectations for Elijah Moore
  • (53:19) – Netflix Quarterback + Deshaun Watson debate

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