What’s up, Browns fans! BARRY’S BACK! Yes, we have Barry Shuck, staff writer for DawgsByNature.com, back on the show to discuss a few lingering questions from the NFL Draft. First of all, Barry Shuck was the guy advocating for Greg Newsome in the the first round months ago. He knew Andrew Berry liked Newsome, and he consistently mocked Newsome to the Browns at 26.

Barry gives us a deep-dive into Greg Newsome as a college football player and an NFL prospect. How did Newsome’s play in college fare in the decision to draft him at 26? What are his strengths and weaknesses, and where does Barry expect Newsome to slot into the defensive backfield? And, to answer our biggest question, is the injury history something we need to be concerned about?

Barry touches on Greedy Williams and Grant Delpit and how, due to injuries, they have become the forgotten talent on the defense. If these guys are healthy this season, well, let’s just say we could have a very solid defense.

And then Barry gives us some big-time insight we’ve been looking for – why did the Browns NOT draft a defensive end in the draft? Barry only needs one name to answer that question. Then, finally, we discuss if the Browns decision not hold off on extending Baker beyond his fifth-year option sends a good or bad message to the rest of the team.

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Intro

1:58 – Current fan-vote standings for 2021 schedule

6:05 – Barry Shuck from DawgsByNature.com

6:25 – Greg Newsome deep dive

16:50 – Who was better in college – Newsome or Greedy Williams?

18:50 – Impact of Grant Delpit

23:42 – Is DC Joe Woods on the hot seat?

28:04 – What’s the ceiling for Myles Garrett in 2021?

32:38 – Why did the Browns NOT draft a defensive end?

45:29 – Barry’s Idioms: The West Coast Offense

49:15 – Does it send a bad message to the team that the Browns have not yet extended Baker Mayfield?

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