What’s up, Browns fans! DawgsByNature.com staff writer Barry Shuck joins us LIVE in-studio to discuss all things Browns. Barry gives us his keys to victory over the Steelers and also his observations from the first 7 games of the season. We dive into the poor performances by the Browns defense, and of course we continue the Baker Mayfield debate. Barry also previously covered the New York Giants during Odell Beckham’s early years, so Barry gives us some interesting insight about the Browns highest-paid receiver.

And how much do you know about Brownie the Elf? Did you know he’s not actually an elf? Barry gives us the entire history of the Browns throw-back mascot, where he came from, and why, had things gone slightly different, Brownie would most likely still be the mascot today. We get a fascinating history lesson that also includes details about Paul Brown and Art Modell that we never knew.

Throw in the true story of how “tailgating” began, and we have one incredible show for you today! Make sure you follow Barry Shuck on Twitter and on the Dawgs By Nature website.

Twitter: @barry_Shuck

Online: https://www.sbnation.com/users/Barry%20Shuck

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