What’s up, Browns fans! We recorded our episode a little late this week, but it worked out to our favor to capture all the craziness in the NFL over the last several days. We’ve got our reactions to Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Carson Wentz. Where is Jimmy Garrapolo headed? And did the Browns miss the boat on Khalil Mack, who went for pennies on the dollar?

Also, should the Browns be aggressive and try to make a trade for Amari Cooper before the Cowboys release him? How is the Browns receiving corps looking now with David Njoku signed on for at least $11 million in 2022? It was an exciting week in the NFL, so let’s dive in!

—Contents of this episode———-

0:00 – Intro

4:38 – Browns franchise tag David Njoku

8:24 – Calvin Ridley suspended

12:50 – Wide receivers no longer available

14:45 – Aaron Rodgers staying in Green Bay

16:14 – Russell Wilson traded to Broncos

21:54 – Carson Wentz traded to Commanders

27:30 – Deshaun Watson remains the last big-time QB name available

31:20 – Khalil Mack traded to Chargers

39:58 – Browns listed as landing spot for Amari Cooper

45:23 – Other personnel moves from the week

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