What’s up, Browns fans! Join us for the 1st Annual Mad Dawg Award Show where we’ll reveal the winners that YOU voted for on this year’s wards. We have big names to discuss – Baker, Odell, Jarvis, Chubb, Hunt and Myles – as well as names that won’t get much love anywhere else, like Blake Hance, D’Ernest Johnson, and even Wyatt Teller. And make sure you stay tuned for our Best in Show (MVP) Award because we have a very special acceptance speech.

This first season of the podcast has been a blast, and we can’t thank all you listeners and viewers enough for following along and supporting the show. As we said when we started, The Dawgs is a podcast for the fans by the fans, so make sure you drop us a voicemail or comment on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. We love hearing from you!

Season 2 will kick off in the spring with some NFL Draft previews, player profiles, league news, and free agent speculations. We have some exciting announcements cooking up and we can’t wait to share it all with you. So stay tuned – we won’t be gone long – and as always, GO BROWNS!

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