What’s up, Browns fans! Welcome to the 2nd Annual Mad Dawg Awards! We’ve cleaned up nicely for the bright lights, and the nominees are ready to finally find out who the winners will be. Who were the rookies of the year? Who had the best single-game performance? Who’s the comeback player of the year? And it all wraps up with this year’s MVP award.

Also, we discuss everyone’s favorite coach, Hue Jackson, for reasons we shouldn’t need to. Also, we look at a potential Russell Wilson trade and the Browns meeting first with Kenny Pickett at the Senior Bowl. One last piece of advice–don’t get in an elevator with Alvin Kamara.

—Contents of this episode—–

0:00 – Intro

2:34 – Hue Jackson says he was paid to tank, but then says he wasn’t…?

10:38 – Browns were mentioned in a Russell Wilson trade simulator. What did we offer?

15:32 – Browns meet with Kenny Pickett at Senior Bowl

18:38 – Why do we play the Pro Bowl?

23:14 – Alvin Kamara gets arrested in Vegas

27:12 – Bengals vs Rams, Super Bowl LVI: Who we pickin’?

31:23 – Update on the Cleveland Cavaliers

37:20 – Who picked the Washington Commanders?

42:12 – The 2nd Annual Mad Dawg Awards

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