What’s up, Browns fans! Well that Jags game was a little too close for comfort, but we’ll take the victory as it moves us up to 8-3. With some other key losses this weekend by the Raiders, Colts, and Ravens, the Browns are now in the first wild card position ahead of Week 13.

What grades would you give each of the Browns position groups on offense? We break down each group from Sunday’s game and talk about what’s looking good for Cleveland. On the other hand, though, we have to talk about our porous defense – which is honestly the reason why this game was as close as it was.

Up next are the Tennessee Titans and King Henry himself. With our defense unable to stop any running back of late, how will we stack up against the mountainous Derrick Henry? Can we force Ryan Tannehill into any mistakes to help us gain an edge? And how will Baker fair in a game that could get lopsided early if Henry gets away from our defense?

No matter what, don’t let anyone take away the fact that WE ARE 8-3 RIGHT NOW! GO BROWNS!


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