What’s up, Browns fans! For the first time since 2007, your Cleveland Browns are a 10-win team! The Browns went into New York and took care of business, beating the Giants 20-6. The Browns had control of this one from beginning to end. The evolution of Baker Mayfield continued, Denzel Ward returned to provide a much-needed lift on defense, and Kevin Stefanski pushes forward with his bid for coach of the year.

Do you trust the Browns now to go back to New York and finish their business with the Jets? It would be easy to look passed this 1-win team and look ahead to the Steelers, but the Browns need to beat the Jets to keep their high playoff probability, well, high.

10 wins. Playoffs ahead. Week 17 showdown with the Steelers that will matter A LOT…what a time to be a Browns fan!

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