What’s up, Browns fans! Let’s all give a round of applause to the NFL for another wonderful mishandling of the COVID situation – this time directly affecting our Brownies in a bad way. No wide receivers, half the offensive line was missing, and we were down to our 2nd string linebackers (that’s putting it nicely). Josh was so upset that he forgot to unmute the mics to start the live show…oops!

Fear not, this podcast is 100% intact and furious with the NFL. But, despite the Browns narrowly losing to the Jets, we still control our own destiny. If we beat the Steelers, we make the playoffs. Big Ben will sit this one out, so it’s Myles vs Mason Round 2. We think this Browns team will come out fired up and ready to kick the doors down on the 2020 NFL playoffs. LET’S GO BROWNS!

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