What’s up, Browns fans! Holy Cowboys, did we ever show out on offense in this one. Kevin Stefanski’s offense is starting to show the truth of his system. The running game is off the charts, and the passing game is doing what it needs to to keep the defense on its toes.

Chubb goes down, but D’Ernest “What-Not” Johnson emerges! Myles Garrett breaks out to prove his worth, and the Browns hang on to win a tight one in Dallas – although it was only tight because we underestimated Dak’s garbage time capabilities.

So what’s the truth here? Are the Browns the winning football team we all hope they are, or have they just played some bad teams? Luckily for us fans, we get to find out the truth against the Colts.

Tune in to listen to our breakdown of the Cowboys game, our preview of the Colts, and our picks for all the games this week.


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