What’s up, Browns fans! Let’s recap that atrocity in the snow/sun/wind/hail/rain/hurricane last Sunday. While the Browns offense didn’t look horrible (all things considering), our defense looked even more horrible than it already did (all things definitely considering). What are the Browns going to do moving forward to fix the glaring gaps in our team? Is it time to make a coaching change – and no, we’re not talking about the head coach for once. Stefanski looks like our guy.

What have we seen so far from Baker? Has it been enough to pick up his 5th year option? And what injuries are we worried about coming out of the BYE? Regardless of the areas we need to improve, it sure feels different to enter a BYE week with a 5-3 record. Enjoy this!

Next week, we’ll preview the Texans game in week 10, and we’ll also preview the remaining 7 games after that and give some predictions about how the Browns will finish.


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