What’s up, Browns fans! PLAYOFFS! After 18 years, we finally have Cleveland Browns Playoff Football! And it couldn’t be any more of a story-book scenario for the Browns. We had to beat the Steelers to make the playoffs so we could play…the Steelers…again in the Wild Card. Not only that, but now COVID has struck again, this time knocking head coach Kevin Stefanski and Pro Bowl offensive lineman Joel Bitonio out of the game.

The Browns roster will be decimated, but then again it has been for the last 2 games anyway, so it’s nothing new for us. If there’s anything we learned this season, it’s that this Browns team is different – they’re fighters, they’re grinders, and they never give up. Let the Pittsburgh fans poo poo all over the Browns all they want, because we know deep down they’re SCARED of what Baker and the boys are capable of.

Tune into this first-ever playoff edition of The Dawgs and jam to some party music as we ring in the New Year with our Browns in the playoffs! Spontaneous celebrations!

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