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What’s up, Browns fans! Last episode, we did our first-ever Dawgs Mock Draft 1.0. Needless to say, we weren’t close to sniffing perfect, and that’s why we bring Brian Bosarge from Deep Fried Draft onto the show to evaluate our mock draft picks and which prospects we should have considered for the Browns at each selection. Just to keep the record straight, we did have a couple that Brian dubs as home runs…and some as big-time flops.

Brian Bosarge has been performing NFL Draft analysis since he was a kid, and his website at is dedicated to NFL Draft prospects and analysis on par with the likes of ESPN, PFF and others. If you’re interested in what an expert has to say about the Browns draft outlook, Brian has the answers!

We also dive into the potential mad-run on quarterbacks in the upcoming draft as well as the Justin Fields vs. Mac Jones debate – and Brian has quite the definitive answer on that one. Also, don’t miss our listener mailbag and our listener contest details!

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