NFL Divisional Round Takeaways – Where Do the Browns Stack Up with the Best?

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What’s up, Browns fans! What an amazing weekend of football we just witnessed. Incredible quarterback performances, defensive plays, high-pressure kicks, and special teams breakdowns. We saw MONSTER throws, catches, and ankle-breaking routes. And no Browns fan could watch these games without mentally comparing these playoff teams to the team in Cleveland that’s sitting at home like us.

One year removed from a divisional round appearance, how do the Browns currently stack up against the teams we watched this weekend? What do teams like the Chiefs and Bills–teams that consistently make the playoffs and contend for a championship–have that the Browns don’t? How can someone like Tom Brady make the playoffs every year, no matter what team he plays for? And is Aaron Rodgers only good enough to make the playoffs, but never finish on top?

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—Contents of this episode—–
0:00 – Intro
2:10 – What’s next for Sean Payton?
8:21 – JOK, Newsome, and Felton make PFWA writers’ All-Rookie Team
10:20 – Antonio Brown wants to play for the Ravens
17:40 – Reactions from Divisional Round weekend
40:20 – How close are the Browns to these playoff teams?
45:00 – Baker’s Twitter battle with Dustin Fox

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