Nick Chubb Injury Update + Cavs Extend Donovan Mitchell

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What’s the latest on Nick Chubb’s recovery from knee surgery? On today’s Cleveland Browns Podcast, we discuss the training videos from the weekend showing Chubb moving well on his repaired leg. Also, we highlight the Cavaliers extending Donovan Mitchell and how the Cleveland media tries to run certain players out of town. And to celebrate the holiday, we do a Dawgs Draft to build our perfect 4th of July Cookouts. Get entertaining Browns news with the #1 Cleveland Browns podcast — Cleveland Browns Podcast for July 3, 2024.
00:00:00 — Intro and Fantasy Football
00:03:30 — Cavs extend Donovan Mitchell
00:20:31 — Nick Chubb injury rehab update
00:33:46 — Dawgs Draft: 4th of July Cookouts

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