Nick Chubb Ranked #1 + Winfrey, Hopkins, White-Out Uniforms

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Has the NFL finally recognized Nick Chubb as the best running back in the league? On today’s Cleveland Browns podcast, we discuss the Top-10 Ranked Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Quarterbacks. Also, we look at the fallout from the Perrion Winfrey situation and look at the new White-Out Uniforms the Browns revealed this week. Get entertaining Browns news with the #1 Cleveland Browns podcast — Cleveland Browns Podcast for July 21, 2023.

  • (00:00) – Intro and Show Topics
  • (02:18) – Browns expectations are Super Bowl
  • (04:49) – Browns release Perrion Winfrey
  • (10:22) – DeAndre Hopkins signs with Titans
  • (15:23) – Browns reveal their White Out uniforms with white helmets
  • (21:52) – NFL votes Nick Chubb best running back in the league
  • (30:53) – Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers
  • (37:49) – Top 10 NFL Quarterback

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