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The 2021 NFL schedule is still hot off the press, and we want to know what YOU think the Cleveland Browns record will be for the 2021 season.

Submit your 2021 season predictions below!

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  1. What up I’m a big fan of the podcast from San Diego CA my question is how do you think Baker Mayfield and the rest of the Team will play in the Snow December 25 week 16 against Green Bay

    • What’s up, Alan! Thanks for tuning in! One thing that sucks about playing in Cleveland is the weather gets cold, wet, and snowy in the second half of the season. BUT that does mean we’re better prepared for a frozen tundra game in Green Bay on Christmas Day. We’re not flying in from the west coast or Florida. As long as we maintain relatively decent health throughout the year, we should be pretty well matched up and poised to take a victory in Week 16 (especially if Rodgers is retired!).

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