Week 10 Recap: Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots

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What’s up, Browns fans! We’re not sure what we watched on Sunday, but it certainly wasn’t a football game. The Browns got completely demolished by the New England Patriots in a 45-7 smackdown. But don’t get it wrong, it was a total team effort in this loss. The offense was horrible, the defense was even worse, and special teams followed suit. We got outcoached, outplayed, and outsmarted in every facet of the game.

Don’t worry though, you can wallow in misery with The Dawgs as we break down the atrocities of this game. If you’re waiting for the “What Went Right” segment of this episode, don’t bother because it doesn’t exist. The Browns have some serious issues to work through, but thankfully we get to work them out with the Detroit Lions in Week 11!

The AFC North is somehow still up for grabs between all four teams, so we need to put this one in the rearview as quickly as possible. After we commiserate, of course!

–Contents of this episode——-
0:00 – Intro
3:25 – What went wrong

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